Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This is my favorite time of year. I love the Christmas season, I love that Christ was born for us and we are free to celebrate his birth and share His love with our family and friends. My heart just jumps for joy (usually in the form of dancing with two little girls), no matter how tired my body is. I'm a person that loves to give and sometimes I have to tell myself to "stop" more than once so that I don't exhaust myself completely.
Last night my son wanted to help me make the family famous chocolate pies. The recipe was created by my husbands' grandmother and they are thick and rich and wonderful! I made the first batch, Ben and his two daughters watched while I stirred the chocolate goodness, well, Betty kept wanting to touch, until she touched the hot skillet, then she decided playing was more fun. Ben made the next three batches of pies and I'm so proud of him! For being his first pie event he did a great job. Last year I had made an apron for Nickola since she loves to help in the kitchen. She's 4 now and loves to "count" when we are measuring out ingredients. Betty is 2 and this year I decided that she needed an apron too. As soon as I get pictures taken this morning, I'll post pictures of the girls in their aprons. They are darling!
Like most of you I had last minute Christmas presents to make, Betty's apron was the last item to be made in my studio this year. I made another present, but I will have to tell you about it later. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the intended receiver.
I'm looking forward to having all of the kids home for Christmas this year. Amanda, Sam and the twins fly in today from CA. Texas weather is going to greet them with snow! Can you believe?! We were blessed yesterday with the arrival of my daughter-in-law's family making it down safely from Kansas. They were able to hit the "window" on the weather for their drive and we are so thankful for that! And we are so excited that they will be sharing the holiday with us too!
Well, everyone, have a safe and joyous Christmas, be thankful for your friends, family and the Christ child that we are celebrating.

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