Monday, November 2, 2009

The Quilts are hung....

The Quilts are all hung in the gallery with care, in hopes of more quilts and wall space to share. We shuffled and straightened with the most care and hoped that Jeff didn't fall of the ladder and into the air!
Our entry and stairwell are actually looking like an Art Quilt Gallery and showing my labor of love and my passion. It feels so good to have these quilts up! Today I have a few things to get done around the house and then I'm going to finish pinning the Batik Quilt and maybe get started on the quilting. I've picked out my threads and have my stitches planned out, now I just have to balance the time element. Oh, I even bought a new Foreigner CD so I have new music to listen to! Have to have the beat going to quilt, it's a must.
Wednesday my studio will turn into a guest room for my twin granddaughters, so I don't think there will be any quilting after tomorrow for the rest of the week.
So until next week, have a great week everyone!


Connie said...

Hi Jules, I see that you love painting fabric. I love dyeing, painting, printing and exploring. The weather is just right now to work on the deck so maybe we should get together some time to play since we're almost neighbors.

Connie Akers

Jules Rushing said...

Ohhh, that sound great! I have my California kids in town this week, so I'll give you a shout next week!
Ummmm, playing with fabric! favorite thing to do!